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International Courses for Actors

Open up new paths for theatrical expression and creation

Find a wide range of courses that provide impulses for your individual artistic development. Our courses combine the most diverse practical needs with artistic and philosophical questions. With which method, you will ask? With yours! The method is that you find your own unique perspective on theatre and your voice to express it. For this process you need professional guidance – and here we are – your teachers who do not intend to teach you, but to guide you and provoke you to unfold your own knowledge.

Meet Jurij Alschitz and his team of teachers

Dr Jurij Alschitz has built up an international team of teachers over many years, who today pass on his comprehensive training with hundreds of exercises in many voices and are pedagogically and artistically active worldwide on the basis of his methodological principles.

In their daily practice, Dr. Olga Lapina (Lithuania, DK), Riccardo Palmieri (Italy), Christine Schmalor (Germany) and Dimitris Tsiamis (Greece) pursue different unique research themes of their own, united by one credo:

Our teaching is aimed at your artistic personality. Knowledge is born within yourself.

All topics and course offerings seek an experimental and innovative approach to creative acting practice. They reflect the latest findings and research of Jurij Alschitz and each member of the team. Each course is a unique creation that will never be repeated in the same way, but will continuously evolve; because each course is an artistic encounter with the participants as co-creators of new ideas. Together we will ask ourselves the question: What can make me happy as an actor, and even more – as an artist?

Upcoming Courses

All courses are aimed at an international audience and are therefore taught in simple English.
All courses are recorded and can be viewed by the participants. A missed date can therefore be made up.

The Online-Theatre-Academy offers a new line of One-to-One Training opportuninities for actors.

Offline Summer Special 2024

Acting course

20 July – 4 August 2024
Montecreto, Italy
Course fee 600 €

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz

For emerging and experienced directors, teachers and for actors who want to expand their field of activity.

Session One: 6 – 8 Sept + 13 – 15 Sept
Session Two: 8 – 10 Nov + 15 – 17 Nov 2024
Session Three:  3 – 5 Jan + 10 – 12 Jan 2025

Corse fee 1.250 €

Teacher: Christine Schmalor

6 meetings

Sat 28 Sept | Wed 2 Oct | Sat 5 Oct | Wed 9 Oct | Sat 12 Oct | Wed 16 Oct

In addition, one-to-one sessions can be arranged for individual coaching.

Course fee 270 €

240 € early bird until 1 September 2024

Teacher: Christine Schmalor

8 meetings as an individual course for your current role preparation.

Holistic Theatre and Quantum Pedagogy

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz
For directors, teachers, actors and all interested theatre professionals

11 + 13 Oktober 2024

Corse fee 120 €

90 € early bird until 1 September 2024

Courses not yet scheduled

We kindly invite you to give us feedback about your interest. This will help us to plan the next courses. Your voice counts!
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Qualification programmes for actors

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz

18 days | 3 hours each
full programme | single meetings

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz
Trainers: Dr Olga Lapina, Christine Schmalor

22 live online lessons | 3 hours each | weekly
including 4 training sessions

Courses for actors

Teacher: Christine Schmalor

3 x 1 meeting| 3 hours each + 3 x 1 hour individual coaching


Teacher: Christine Schmalor

6 days | 2,5 hours each | twice a week

Teacher: Christine Schmalor
For artists before and at the beginning of their career

4 days | 2 hours each

Teacher: Christine Schmalor

6 meetings| 2,5 hours each | twice a week

Teacher: Christine Schmalor

8 meetings | 3 hours each | weekly
plus 2 individual coachings

Teacher: Dimitris Tsiamis

6 days | 2 hours each

Teacher: Dimitris Tsiamis

4 days | 3 hours each

Teacher: Dimitris Tsiamis

6 days | 2 hours each

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz

2 days | 3 hours each

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz

5 days | 2 hours each

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz

6 days | 2 hours each

Dr Jurij Alschitz in dialogue with Dr Olga Lapina

One-year course for artists of any age

9 meetings | 3 hours each, once a month
full programme | single meeting

Dr Jurij Alschitz
Christine Schmalor and Nathanael Volke

One-month course for actors creating their digital calling card

9 meetings | 3 hours each

Nathanael Volke

Workshop for actors creating their own digital presentation

1 day | 3 hours

Teacher: Dr Olga Lapina

1 day | 2 hours

Teacher: Riccardo Palmieri

5 days | 2 hours each

Teacher: Dr Jurij Alschitz

5 days | 2 hours each