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The Team of Teachers

The Idea of Team-teaching

Over twenty years, Dr Jurij Alschitz has continuously developed his international team of teachers. What is the idea behind this concept?

Artistic personlities are united by an artistic image, by a philosophy of teaching and a repertoire of exercises and training methods. They understand each other in a split second while their artistic realisation and training is unique in its own way. They use different words and strategies to say the same thing and thus reach the students through different channels.

The method of Dr Jurij Alschitz to explore and develop the artistic individuality through training is reflected in the polyphony of a team of teachers who have been working together in this constellation for over 10 years.
In our seminars, team-teaching takes place in dialogue or in polyphony, as a relay race or distributed in the individual research projects.

With the Online Theatre Academy the international  team of teachers opens up a new field of research. First you will find different courses led by one of the teachers. Moving from one course and one teacher to the next, you will experience  a common theatre cosmos. Team-taught online courses are in development.

Jurij Alschitz
team of teachers
Olga Lapina
team of teachers
Riccardo Palmieri
team of teachers
Dimitris Tsiamis
team of teachers
Christine Schmalor

Our Guests

We gladly invite specialists for our Joint Training Programmes and look forward to broadening our horizons together

Nathanael Volke