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The Online Theatre Academy offers acting and directing courses. A programme of the World Theatre Training Institute created and run by its international team of teachers.

Team of Teachers’ Talks
Revisiting the actor’s space – 8 May 2021 at 12:00 (UTC+2)

The Online Theatre Academy has three departments

International Courses for Actors, Directors, and Trainers

International classes exploring Quantum Pedagogy

Learning platform for Russian-speaking theatre professionals

The Online Theatre Academy is the newest offering from the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI to the international theatre community. Rapid cultural development in regards to our digitally connected globalised world has led to a call for change in the understanding of theatre learning and teaching. Going online - is just a format. We all see how human nature is changing and demanding different training. The stage remains at the centre of our attention. In addition, new media possibilities naturally give birth to new forms of artistic expression. The Online Theatre Academy opens up the potential of endless creativity of the artist and mediates with new educational methods the ability for self-education leading to the artist's self-creation.

What is waiting for you


Exceptional opportunity of self-education for students, beginners, and professionals.


Newest research of the World Theatre Training Institute reflecting the principles of resonance theory, training as method and other unique approaches.​


Quantum Pedagogy. Entering the research department of Dr. Jurij Alschitz you will directly go to the core of ground breaking method-development.​


Face to face contact with your teachers. We will work with you in various formats: individual coaching, interactive courses in small groups, live lectures for larger numbers and hybrid formats where online and stage tuition will be combined.

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If you have participated in all lessons and assignments, you will receive a certificate from the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ research centre of the International Theatre Institute.

What participants Say

About the Online Theatre Academy's conference "Challenges of the Mind"

"I think the real work is to stop the inertia. The inertia of 'traditional' thinking and teaching..."
Prof Alvaro Franco
"Every day has added more and more warmth to the atmosphere, so I was going to become 'dependent' of the conference, in fact, of the meeting of you all."
Dr Dumitriana Condurache
"Here's what's interesting! It looks like the conference is over, and I still have the feeling that all of you are at my house and we are hotly discussing something important. Different languages, temperament, emotions, but something whole..."
Dunay Yespayev

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