Online Theatre Academy

Team of Teachers' Talks

Team of Teachers' Talks

The team of teachers of the Online Theatre Academy proposes a free series of talks on questions of acting in times of transformation of stage practice. Whether on-stage or on-line or on-screen, today actors are reinventing themselves. The exchange of new aspects and ideas between the teachers will involve the online audience after a short time. Students and experienced theatre professionals from all over the world are invited to exchange ideas.

Below you can find the Zoom recordings of nine talks, which took place in 2020 and 2021 for viewing.

Revisiting the actor’s space

08 May 2021

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

Today, the spaces in which theatre is performed are more diverse than ever before. Actors stand in front of closed theaters and go out into the street, into nature or into virtual spaces. How strongly and in what ways does space influence the choice of acting means? How does the external space affect the actor’s internal space, and how does the special connection between the two spaces arise?

Time is on the actor’s side

10 April 2021

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

Like any life in the universe, actor’s life on stage unfolds through and within time. Numerous aspects of existence challenge and enrich the work of the actor, since he can play with time…  What theatre reveals to us about time, and most importantly – how to get hands on something so immaterial – these were the questions, challenging not only the minds of the team of teachers, but also the colleagues who participated actively in this talk .

The Director on the Tightrope

13 March 2021

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

Directing, by definition, has an ambivalent relationship to the exercise of power. Theatre professionals today cannot avoid redefining their attitude towards Regietheater and the possible role models of directing in contemporary production processes.
What are the qualities and methods of today’s directing that can be both artistically effective but also sensitive to the actor’s artistic individuality?

The Actor’s self-initiation

13 February 2021

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

When and how is the actor initiated into the art of theatre?
Which role plays the actor’s personal preparation?
The team of teachers discusses the idea behind the self-guided processes and share their practical approaches to stimulate and support actors who want to take their life in art in their hands.

Ensemble and the dream of freedom

16 January 2021

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

Most actors dream of the perfect ensemble to the same extent as they dream of boundless individual freedom as an artist. Are these dreams mutually exclusive or, perhaps, mutually dependent? What do we mean by “ensemble spirit”? How does it develop? What is the lifetime of an ensemble? And is there, inside the ensemble, the place for artistic individuality?

Dialogue. The beloved child of theatre

19 December 2020

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

The notion of a dialogue is so deeply and organically interwoven with theatre history, structure and practice, that it seems there is no need to second-guess its place on stage. However, the philosophical and methodological principles of the dialogue are a challenge for any actor – and a great creative opportunity. A journey through a series of questions about the beloved and yet unknown beauty of dialogue …

Actors on Fire. Transformations through Ritual and Improvisation.

28 November 2020

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

The actor always stands between rules and freedom, control and surrender, repetition and change, ritual and improvisation. Are these contrasting notions irreconcilably opposed to each other, or are they mutually nurturing phenomena in acting practice? What is the principles of their dynamic relationship, which ignites the flames of actor’s creativity?

The church never liked us.
The Actor as Creator.

14 November 2020

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

It is a sacred act to create. Who is ready for it? How do we relate to the process of creation today?

The text is not mine – I am the text. Actors in a free space.

31 October 2020

ZOOM Recording of the Talk

The actor and the text. The author’s text or my own – how does it come into being in me and what relationship can I have with a text? Partnership or dominance? Which forces can the text unfold? Is the text a key to our subconscious, or is it its ambassador? Does hypertext have anything to do with our stage practice? Can text become a concept of freedom on stage?