Dimitris Tsiamis

Ritual Performance

Mr Mojo Risin - The Shaman

Course for actors, directors, teachers

Art and ritual, from the depths of antiquity, are inextricably linked. In contemporary theatre we observe a re-approach of the ritual through performances that seek a more substantial connection with the Other and the Unknown, focusing on the transformative and transcendental character of the artistic experience.

In the Ritual Performance on-line course we will explore how the ritualistic approach in theatre could reveal unexpected potentialities of creativity and give new meanings and dimensions at the art of acting

Our working material will come from Jim Morrison’s lyrics and poetry, as well as from one of his main references, shamanism.


Dimitris Tsiamis

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants  8

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Online course with practical tasks and exercises.

Mode of operation

6 sessions of 2 hours each

Course fee

90 €

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