Olga Lapina

Improvisation beyond acting

one-day seminar
for actors, directors AND THEATRE TEACHERS

The word “improvisation” is so casually used in everyday theatre practice by thousands of professionals, that it seems there are no questions left about the meaning of this word. On the other hand, when the term is used, it can refer to anything in the vast gap between acting technique and a metaphor for anything somewhat spontaneous. The fact that there are not so much studies done in the field of improvisation only adds to this confusion.

This seminar is an invitation to share  – and to question – our knowledge and our believes about improvisation as a tool, which we tend to attribute exclusively to the field of acting. Our discussion will include theory on improvisation both as an artistic tool and as an artistic world view, and will open a space for you to define the meaning of improvisation yourself – in the most useful way for your everyday theatre practice.


Dr Olga Lapina

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants  12

Teaching Language

The course  is held in English and in Russian (see Russian Department)


Online seminar

Mode of operation

1 day | 2 academic hours

Course fee

15 €

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