Christine Schmalor

Six Tools to prepare the Role

Acting course

Six Tools is a course for the self-empowerment of actors.
Six Tools supports the artistic soul and integrity in the pragmatic world of theatre and film.
Six Tools offers a practical toolkit for joyful self-reliant preparation for the role.
Six Tools is based on the School of Jurij Alschitz

Preparing yourself for your next role is becoming increasingly important as rehearsal times get tighter. Whether in film or theatre, the director and the ensemble are happy when a fully prepared colleague appears. With their own ideas, with their own initiative, with suggestions for realisation and a vision of the role to be played.

What is the difference between a character and a role? We will investigate and ask:

  • What is the story of the role?
  • What is the theme of the role?
  • What is the sound of the role?
  • What questions does the role have for me? What questions do I have of the role?
  • How is the role constructed?
  • What is the path of the role? Where does the role lead?

All these questions are certainly not new. How often have you answered them in depth after asking yourself one or the other? Were you satisfied with the result? Did you find enough tasks and exercises for yourself to answer this question?

Behind each of these questions is a methodical way of exploring the role and approaching the character. Behind each question is what you do not immediately see – the secrets of the role.

In this intensive online seminar, you will learn essential tools and methods for preparing yourself thoroughly, discovering the role in all its beauty, becoming yourself the author of the role and starting the rehearsal/production well prepared.

The seminar is primarily practice-orientated, i.e. we will do many exercises that are important for your repertoire and that you can use yourself in the future. If you want to deepen the exercises beyond the joint sessions in one-to-one sessions, you have the opportunity to do so at special conditions as part of the seminar.

An important part of the seminar are the tasks that everyone should do between sessions. This is the only way you can exchange ideas, learn from each other and move forward; this is the only way the seminar really makes sense.

What material will we work with? That’s your choice. If you have a role for which you would like to prepare, then it is best to take this. If you want to familiarise yourself with the methodology in general, then please choose a role that interests you from Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, “Three Sisters” or “The Cherry Orchard”.


Christine Schmalor

Number of participants

6 – 12

Teaching Language

The course will be held in simple English, you work in your mother tongue.
The one-to-one sessions will be in English or German.


Online course with practical tasks and exercises.

Mode of operation

6 sessions of 3 academic hours, twice a week
If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you can watch it online until the next one.


Individual sessions can be booked at special rates within the time frame of the seminar.


A Certificate will be issued by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute.
Conditions: active participation with at least 75% attendance in the online sessions (up to 25% can also be made up via recording if attendance is not possible).

Course fee

270 €

240 € early bird price until 1 September 2024

optional: One-to-One Session: 30€ per hour.


Course dates and Registration

Use the early bird price of 240 € until 1 September 2024!

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If it is not possible to attend this course at the times you see above, you can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.