Christine Schmalor


The devised Monologue

Workshop and individual coaching

This intensive workshop supports artists who are creating a monologue, monodrama, solo performance or their own devised theatre evening. Whatever you want to call it, you need a roadmap for your steps. Simple practical advice can be found everywhere. But then the journey into the unknown begins. How do I structure my own artistic path? What do I need to keep in mind? What tasks should I set myself so that I can really break new ground?

You might have already a vague subject or a collection of artistic material, but how to work with it? We will touch the following subjects:

  • The artistic work with a theme and its practical implementation.
  • Steps to unfold your creative mind-flow.
  • The process of creation through intertextuality: discovering new patterns of speech and thought that, in particular, inspire playfulness.
  • The art of composition as the basis and compass of designing a monoperformance.

The SOLO course consists of 3 joint meetings with 3 hours each; with lecture, discussion and practical exercises to try out immediately together. After each meeting you will have a one-hour personal coaching session the following week to deepen the topic and apply it to your own project; dates by arrangement. Further coaching hours can then additionally be booked as needed.
Each meeting has a clearly outlined theme, so you can choose to attend all or just one. 

SOLO 1 – Above All

FINDING my theme – OPENING all dimensions of a theme – GIVING VOICE to my theme

SOLO 2 – The creative mind flow

Intertextuality – game and chaos – THINK BIG!

SOLO 3 – Composition

Building your fundament – your compass – your ARTISTIC LANGUAGE


Christine Schmalor

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants  12

Teaching Language

English; individual coaching in English or German


Online lecture in dialogue, practical exercises plus individual coaching 

Mode of operation

The whole course is divided in three parts, which can be attended separately.
3 x 1 day | 3 hours each plus one meeting of 1h with each participant during the following week. Time to be arranged in the end of the meeting.
Additional choaching hours upon request.

In case you miss a session, you have the opportunity to watch the recording in the following days.


SOLO 1 – Above all – 50 €
SOLO 2 – The creative mind flow – 50 €
SOLO 3 – Composition – 50 €

whole course 120 €
additional coaching hour 20€


Course dates and registration

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If it is not possible to attend this course at the times you see above, you can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.