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The Actor's ID

actors creating their digital calling card

A collaborative  project of Dr Jurij Alschitz with the video artist and producer Nathanael Volke and the acting teacher Christine Schmalor

In theater, the most important and most difficult goal is not to be like the others, to discover your own face, your own special way, your «own» Theater. Without this, the actor will always be in the crowd of others, will be dependent on others and therefore unhappy. The uniqueness of the artist gives him/her creative freedom. What is needed for this? The first step is to create your ID – ID of “your” Theater. You are mistaken if you think that just by a photo or CV a director or producer invites you to collaborate. Your individual artistic view of theater, your special world as an artist, your one and only image, is crucial.  The questions “Who am I?” and “What is “my” Theater?  – are the most difficult questions, but they are the ones that shape an actor’s authorial consciousness and unique way of thinking artistically. It’s what makes you most interesting, it’s the foundation of your appeal, it’s the foundation on which the success of your work is built. Our project will first and foremost help you discover yourself, create an image of your theater, and define your artistic world. It will help you create an artistic ID of yourself and “your” Theater in the form of a short video clip. This is the best way to present yourself attractively for any creative application, audition or presentation.

Jurij Alschitrz

The course The Actor’s ID supports the personal path of discovering one’s own artistic positioning and putting it into words. Today we communicate through all channels of digital media. You might have a showreel, but does it really express your artistic identity? How about a calling card in an innovative format that opens up different channels in other persons who might be interesting for you?

The Actor’s ID aims to empower the actor by uniquely combining the individual journey to the artistic self with the creation of a personal video that speaks not through interchangeable perfect production, but through personal charm – through the voice of the artist.

How does this programme work?

We have developed a modular system with several different work units.
The basic course with Jurij Alschitz focuses in 5 sessions on the question: “What is my theatre?” and the development of a monologue using the whole range of artistic means.
Christine Schmalor supports the participants with an extra session on the topic: Finding my words – finding my text – finding my voice.
You will repeatedly present your material and finally the first sketch of your Actor’s ID video.
For the creation of such a video, we have integrated a special workshop with video producer Nathanael Volke, in which he teaches you everything you need as basic knowledge for the creation of a short video.

We recommend taking advantage of the additional complementary workshop with Nathanael:  Inspiration and optimisation for your video production. Depending on your ambitions, here you can deepen the possibilities of creating videos independently to express your artistic ideas. (extra registration)

Along the whole path, Christine Schmalor offers you individual coaching (additional registration if required).

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4
My Text – My Voice
Christine Schmalor

Session 5

That’s me and my theatre

Dr Jurij Alschitz

Session 6

Basics of a successful video production

Workshop with Nathanael Volke

In this small workshop unit you will learn how it is possible to successfully realise a video production with limited resources, e.g. at home or as a “one-man show”. The basics of lighting, sound, perspective selection and video editing are taught and the scenic planning with the help of a storyboard is shown. The aim of the workshop unit is for the participants to be able to plan a storyboard for their Actor’s ID on this basis and to produce their first presentable short video with their own video experiences. It is the perfect introduction and encouragement for further artistic media projects of their own.

Requirements for the realisation of the workshop content:
– Digital video camera with at least FullHD resolution (1920x1080p), e.g. smartphone with a digital camera with appropriate video function.
– Computer with administrator rights for software installation of the free video editing program ShotCut.

Session 7

That’s me and my Monologue


individual coaching

Christine Schmalor

complementary workshop


individual coaching

Christine Schmalor

Session 8 + 9

Share and show
That’s my Actor’s ID

Jurij Alschitz, Nathanael Volke, Christine Schmalor will reflect on your first sketch of your digital calling card and make suggestions for further development

The Aim

The course The Actor’s ID accompanies the path of your personal growth. The first practical aim is to create a sketch for a multimedia monologue that can be used in many ways, depending on need and scope. Initially, this will be done with simple technical means, as the content-related artistic work is in the foreground.

The overall aim of this course is that you get a methodological idea to work with yourself and to produce content on a high artistic level to express yourself in the current media landscape.


Dr Jurij Alschitz, Christine Schmalor, Nathanael Volke

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  12

Teaching Language



320 €


If it is not possible to attend this course at the times you see above, you can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.