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Preparing for an audition?
Updating your repertoire?
Just got a role? Hooray – now what?
Need to step in at short notice?
Do you sometimes feel left alone on set?
Planning a project of your own?

Sometimes we need a sparring partner in order to make progress. Once or several times – before or during production – Christine Schmalor’s coaching and training will not only accompany you, but also enable you to prepare and work independently on the role or your project now and in the future.

The magic word is self-preparation.

“Normally, it is the directors and producers who choose their actors. This results in the actors having the attitude “pick me” or ” select me” or “I’m the best choice”. All of this is pretty unhealthy treatment for the artistic soul. That’s why I recommend simply changing your inner attitude: I look for the best and most interesting director for me. What does that mean? First and foremost, it changes my initiative and self-perception: I am an active, interesting artist who is looking for good colleagues. You can be sure that this attitude will radiate and that colleagues and directors will be grateful to be chosen by you to work together. This is more than a nice mind game and you cannot imitate this attitude. It only works if you really have an artistic position, if you really have something to propose, if it’s really interesting to connect with you. And that means work. Such an attraction is not fuelled by a friendly appearance alone; rather, it is the result of artistic initiative and the will to implement your own ideas alone or together. It’s in your hands.

The actor’s self-preparation for roles or auditions is therefore more than just technical expertise. No matter where you are in your artistic career, working on yourself will be with you for the rest of your life. And one thing should be at the forefront of your mind: what is my art? What is my vision of theatre or film? What are my questions about life? In short, what is my theme that I want to explore through my art?

In my many years of working with actors, I have learnt one thing above all: a great respect for this profession. It is the willingness to take risks. Actors want to and should open up, but are all too often hurt in the process. This must not happen. Quite the opposite – artistic risk leads to the liberation of the mind and emotions; it is the path to classic catharsis. There are many names for this moment of happiness on stage, in which we hover between heaven and earth for a short time. There are no recipes for it, but there are interesting paths that lead in this direction.

Whatever your interests may be, I will accompany, support, annoy and provoke you on your way to rise your skills, to master practical questions  and achieving artistic freedom. Many practical exercises and tasks will help you along the way. “

If you are interested in individual coaching or training, please send your enquiry directly to Christine Schmalor using the contact form. Please briefly explain your wishes and objectives. You will then jointly determine the content, number of meetings and the time frame.

Special offer: You can work on The Vertical of the Role in an individual course to prepare for your next engagement.

The teaching language is English or German, you work in your native language.

Costs and conditions

A session lasts 60 or 90 minutes. The date and time of each session is set by mutual agreement.

60 Minutes: 60 € | 80 €*
90 Minutes: 80 € | 100 €*
*depending on the preparation effort

For Berlin, it is possible to arrange personal meetings for practical work. In this case there would be additional costs for the room.