Jurij Alschitz​

Training as Method

Masterclass for Drama Teachers, Theatre Pedagogues, Directors

Dr Jurij Alschitz invites you to discover a comprehensive methodology
for teaching and production.

“Training is a method, it is not only hundreds, thousands of exercises, it is a certain way of looking at the theatre, at the world, at man. The word “exercise” can be understood in different senses and applied in a very broad, comprehensive sense, as well as in a very practical sense. There are exercises for the human being and for the artist. This training programme is for artists. That is – it is for you and me – theatre teachers and our students. In this programme I will cover numerous types of training that are necessary for the various topics. You will get to know over a hundred exercises and learn how to create your own. I want you to have exercises ready for every question your students may ask.

If you ask me – where does training start in a school? My answer is teacher training. Teacher training needs to start before we enter the classroom. So for part of this programme I will be talking about the training that a teacher should do for himself/herself.  However, the hardest thing is to find exercises that turn a person into a creator. The experience of my work helped me to understand one secret – the artist always enters the stage first and then the actor, just as the artist enters the classroom first and then the teacher.

Therefore, it is necessary to educate the artist first. This is the fundamental idea that will be central to the programme.

I think we agree that we live in a non-artistic world that is ultimately alien to us. But how can we create, teach others, develop ourselves without changing in the moment we enter the world of theatre? In our everyday world, we move like deaf and blind people, we are strangers there. And nothing will work for us there. That’s why training for me is first and foremost a transition, indeed an exodus from the world of everyday life into the world of art.

To follow this path, I have developed “Training as Method” and I am sure that this training is not only important for actors, teachers, directors, but also for artists in general – musicians, painters, writers. Training as Method contributes to the liberation of the creative forces of the teacher and his students, the director and his actors. Training is a field of freedom. The exercises of training are aimed at doing what the human actor cannot do – the actor-artist can do very well. Therefore, for me, training is not just about “warming up” or improving individual skills or finding the way to the role by means of various exercises, no, for me it is about moving from the human to the divine. This is how “high” I understand the role of training in school and theatre, and I invite you to share this position and explore the path together.”

Training as Method – an all-encompassing approach for teaching, rehearsal and your artistic life

Jurij Alschitz’s masterclass will cover the following topics

Training as Method is a concrete proposal for teaching practice through the tool of Exercises.
Participants will not only receive a wide variety of exercises, they will learn how to create their own system and how to create own exercises.

Training as a Method means to develop methodological thinking as basis for precise professional work. Teachers and directors learn specific exercises for implementing topics such as

  • transition
  • energy
  • ensemble
  • composition
  • monologue and dialogue
  • … and how to combine and develop them as an artistic language

Training as Method is one of the most effective tools of artistic communication. This is achieved through the specific language of exercises. Participants will discover a language for working with international productions or with newly forming groups.

Training as a Method allows you to express the burning issues of our time in artistic forms of expression through artistic thinking.

You will discover Training / Exercises as

  • a method of teaching and studying
  • a method of analysis of the scene and the play
  • a way for actors to create a role and a way of acting
  • a way for directors of constructing a performance.

The methodological framework gives you the knowledge and the security to never again be without a suitable task. This opens the way to the “Art of Training” for you to become free and self-reliant as a teacher/director.


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  10

Teaching Language



One introductory online lecture (3h) . Four days of 4 hours each in the studio, with the opportunity for further research with colleagues on site.


A Certificate will be issued by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute.


390 €

Course dates and Registration

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