Christine Schmalor

The Vertical of the Role

self-preparation of the actor

Hybrid course: online with the option for on-stage realisation

THE VERTICAL OF THE ROLE is already a classic in the European Theatre. The method was created by Dr. Jurij Alschitz and over the years has been developed continuously by his team of teachers. The focus lies in the independent actor’s preparation of the role. S/he becomes the author of the role; the encounter with the director on the film set, or on the first day of the rehearsal is at eye level. In addition, this method shows the way to the philosophical spiritual core of the character, challenging the actor to create and engage as an independent artist. The actor-artist is immediately identifiable as soon as s/he enters the stage with a specific weight. S/he pursues an internal issue echoed in their on-stage actions and language which allude to philosophical dimensions. The acting is moving beyond an everyday realism. This change in perspective makes all the difference. It must be developed in independent and individual work, leading to a specific stage-language by opening up new energy sources of expression. If thoughts and ideas are to fly, we ourselves must take off, even if only a little bit, from the Earth.

With this online course you will get each week specific tasks to work on, but you will also work together with your colleagues and support each other developing your “Verticals”.

This course demands your intensive work from one session to the next. For your personal coaching, I can offer additional individual lessons.

Your work on a “Vertical” will lead you to a monologue to be presented online, with the perspective to be realised on stage.

Depending on the Covid-19-situation I will offer a stage workshop following the online course to work with the unique training how to play in the Vertical and to achieve the moment of transcendence on stage.

You can already start working on the Vertical of the Role. Please get the book by Jurij Alschitz directly from our bookshop as print or e-pub version.

If you register for this course, the e-pub version is included in the course fee.


Christine Schmalor

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants  8

Teaching Language

The course will be held in English, you work in your mother tongue. Please check below at the course dates.


Online course with practical tasks and exercises.
If circumstances permit, the course will lead to a second part on stage.

Mode of operation

10 sessions of 2 hours, twice a week
participants can book individual consultation during this time

Course fee

170 € | incl. the e-book in EN|DE|IT
additional individual meeting 15 € per hour for course participants.

Course dates

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The 6-day stage workshop is planned for January in Berlin or Italy.

If it is not possible to attend this course at the times you see above, you can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.