Christine Schmalor

Renaissance of the Dialogue


Course for actors

Welcome to my research on the Renaissance of dialogue. The most exciting moment during a real dialogue is that of the “dia – logos”. What does that mean? Contrary to the common belief that Dialogue – as opposed to Monologue (one speaks) – simply means that two people are speaking, a much deeper and more beautiful meaning is hidden behind dialogue

“Logos” was the beginning of everything. The sense, the word, reason – a term whose meanings go to infinity. “Dia” means “through, but also apart”. Now, please, start playing with it and put the two words in its possible meanings together…. how many combinations you can find – and which ones attract you? (This is already your first task for this seminar).

As actors, we face such a variety to create, to lead and to play a dialogue in general. We will shortly touch the basic principles, but I would like to concentrate with you on exploring the dialogue in terms of the dia – logos. How to act such a dialogue? What conditions do we have to create to clear the way for a process that we can only initiate and then ride like riding on a super wave. 

Since I want you to have practical expereince, you should be willing to invest more time in partner work beyond the teaching hours.
I am looking forward to open up with you the dimensions of dialogical existance.

The course includes cultural dialogue and will be attended by artists from different countries. It is held in simple English, practical work is done in the respective native language.

The course is based on the book by Jurij Alschitz. Please get it directly from our bookshop as print or e-pub version.



Christine Schmalor

Number of participants

6 – 12

Teaching Language

English / German


Online course with practical tasks and exercises in break-out sessions.

Mode of operation

6 sessions of 2 hours each, twice a week

Course fee

90 €

Course dates

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