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Good morning!

There is a wonderful Japanese theater NO, but the theater with which you will get acquainted, I called the theater DO.  It’s easier. This is the theater of birth. The origin of thoughts, words of feeling, gestures, etc..  The beginning of the way to such a theater is based on a special school and method in which knowledge is not transferred, but opened and never finished. It seems to me, such theatrical school which has come to my mind should be unfinished special education, a place and time of not formed knowledge, sketches of the thoughts, flashed ideas. Such are unfinished lessons, trainings, rehearsals without end, interrupted conversations, fragments of monologues. It is better to leave something untold than to say it with a dot. I think so, although…

Let’s begin!


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Number of participants

10 – 12 participants

Teaching Language

Courses will be held in English, in Italian and in Russian language indicated in the course announcement  (calendar)


Online lecture with practical tasks and exercises.

Mode of operation

4 sessions of 2 hours each

Course fee

100 €

Course dates

The course is not scheduled in the moment. You can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.

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