Christine Schmalor

The Beauty of Dialogue

artistic encounter with our cultural potential

With this seminar I would like to invite you to discover the beauty of dialogue.

I would like to invite you to breathe new life into a seemingly forgotten cultural technique. This seminar is my first step towards establishing a long-term research group that will develop strategies on how to revive the art of dialogue on stage.

Check your last theatre visits and your own productions. How many genuine dialogues have taken place? For many years we have been seeing mainly monologues on stage, even though many actors are on stage together. We are talking about an age of individualism, in the meantime also about the selfi-generation. The desirable insight “being enough yourself” turns into an inability to communicate, which in turn has become a major theme on stage. The issue of monological existence is influencing the practice at large. Playwrights and authors stopped writing dialogues; directors and actors stopped practicing the art of dialogue. How long is this to continue? Is it not the task of artists to reveal alternatives to reality? Is it not much more interesting to develop thoughts and insights together?

It is time to rediscover and revive the art of dialogue. In contrast to monological introspection on stage, dialogue is the path to freedom. The stage, once the birthplace of dialogue, calls for a renaissance and rediscovery of the most beautiful ability of human beings – spiritual exchange. More, we are speaking about energy-flow. Possible at the computer? Let’s try it out. Digital media in particular not only requires a completely new approach, but also enables new dimensions and forms of playing with the dialogical principle.


Course for actors

We will start with the Dialogical Principles, laying a foundation of how different forms of dialogue work. Only then can we use them consciously and play with them. Numerous practical exercises and work on dialogues will open up a new world for your own stage language.

Dialogue is a powerful means of communication and can release enormous forces, it can hurt and it can heal. We need the dialogue with the Dialogue. The wisdom of the Dialogue might help us to discover a new potential for artistic and personal development. The moment I open my shell I expose myself to the risk – of losing or winning. Without opening-up a dialogue is not possible and without risk there is no artistic life. 

The course is aimed at artists from all over the world and is held in simple English.

The Dialogical Principles are based on the book by Jurij Alschitz. You can get it directly from our bookshop as print or e-pub version.

If you register for this course, the e-pub version is included in the course fee.


Christine Schmalor

Number of participants

6 – 12

Teaching Language

English / German


Online course with practical tasks and exercises in break-out sessions.

Mode of operation

6 sessions of 2,5 hours each, twice a week
If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you can watch it online until the next one.

Course fee

150 € regular price
120 € early bird

Course dates

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