Dimitris Tsiamis

Ritual Performance - Cosmogonies

Course for actors, Performers, directors, teachers

Myths always had a significant power to touch and move people. The Creation or Cosmogonic myths are the most common form of myth. All cultures have creation myths,  they are our primary myths. They are as ubiquitous as our need to know where are we coming from. Mircea Eliade calls the creation myth as “the narration of a sacred story”, the process by which chaos becomes cosmos. The cosmogonic myths are highly important because they serve as a model for everything we do, for the human act of creation in whatever form it takes and especially the making of a work of Art.

During the course Ritual Performance- Cosmogonies we will explore the performative possibilities that the cosmogonic myths offer us and in what degree they reflect our creative, artistic process. Beginning with the special features of mythtelling, we will continue by discovering ways to interpret the myth through a ritualistic and artistic language.


Dimitris Tsiamis

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants  8

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Course with practical tasks and exercises

Mode of operation

6 sessions of 2 hours each


90 €

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