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Dr Jurij Alschitz’s exploration of ground-breaking innovations for staging practice and teaching.

Holistic Theatre and Quantum Pedagogy

An introductory seminar for teachers, educators, directors, actors and all interested theatre artists.


I can explain the idea, the starting and reference points of physics, the underlying philosophy in one day. What you can do with it in theatre practice in another. The realisation, on the other hand, takes a long time, because it requires a fundamental change in consciousness, which everyone has to undergo. I am talking about holistic cognition and quantum cognition.

To undertake such a change of consciousness, we have to enter the experimental field of human existence, we explore what quantum mechanics means for the human being, the artist, when he or she applies its principles and mode of action to himself or herself. A new self-perception, born in the digital world, which is certainly already closer to the younger generation, connects us with cosmic laws, philosophical views and physical discoveries … J.A.


The World Theatre Training Institute invites all interested artists to get acquainted with the ideas of a holistic theatre and quantum pedagogy as well as the suggestions for theatre practice. Jurij Alschitz will share and illustrate his research findings in two online sessions. At the end of the seminar, we will decide together on the next possible steps, depending on the participants’ interests.

You will rightly wonder what is behind these two terms holistic cognition and quantum cognition. If the following ideas sound tempting, then this introductory seminar is the right starting point for your journey of discovery. You are very welcome!

If you are still wondering how these two seemingly contradictory terms can fit together, then you are even more welcome!

Quantum Cognition

There are two ways to learn. One is the path to acquiring knowledge and skills, which are called competencies. The second is the path of insight and ideas, when a person suddenly, in an instant, acquires an area of knowledge in a new light. Quantum Pedagogy is an explosive formation. The explosive energy of (nuclear) mental processes is important. I can say that learning is a series of explosions / discoveries / knowledge.

Quantum Pedagogy is built from the perception of the relativity of knowledge and beliefs. Its effectiveness must be recognized on the basis of subjective experience only. If such a condition does not resonate with you, if it is not effective for you, forget about it. This does not mean that you are not smart enough, not well educated, not well developed. It just means that the quantum approach is not for you – it is simply not for everyone. Quantum pedagogy requires a special consciousness and a  special thinking. Quantum pedagogy is hyper education, integration with other knowledge and structures. It is “knowledge of knowledge”.

Holistic Cognition

Theatre Holism is a unifying method. It unites fragmentary perception and thinking in the consciousness of the actors. The world of knowledge about theater is divided into short fragments – this is the disadvantage of many teaching methods. Each part lives as a separate fragment, and therefore thinking ceases to put them together. As a result, knowledge ceases to develop and be creative.

Instead of analysis, holistic cognition asserts the principle of synthesis. A new concept of indissoluble unity emerges, which denies the classical idea that the world can be divided into independent parts. This forces us to look at Knowledge not as a collection of separate concepts and formulas, but as a single, integral network of different parts that constantly resonate with each other. Synthesis establishes living connections between new and old knowledge, different views, themes, methods and systems, and when they are combined, it opens up the undiscovered. This holistic Symphony of additions, discoveries, and writings of new knowledge is based on positive motivations and complementary constructs. In short – synthesis is technology and positive motivation is meaning. This is the concept of the school of holistic cognition. Take it all at once.

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For further preparation, you can obtain a brochure in print or as a free download: Jurij Alschitz: Ideas – Concepts – Proposals


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  12

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Online lecture with practical examples.
If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you can watch it as recording.

Mode of operation

2 sessions | 3 hours each


A Certificate will be issued by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute.
Conditions: presence in both sessions.


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