one-to-one training

Private School of Jurij AlschitZ

Individual Education and Training

The Private School of Jurij Alschitz
Offers an individually tailored vocational programme

This includes

The creation of your own individual artistic system as an actor, director or teacher.
The development of your own style, a unique artistic language.
Mastering the basic techniques and skills of the profession.
Achieving individual techniques and secrets of mastery.

There are special advantages in private training and they are based on the fact that each artist is a unique talent, a separate artistic world. The talent has to be found and discovered, given an accurate name, created its own face, given the important tools of the trade, helped to embark on its own, unlike anything else. It is practically impossible to do all this in mass training groups, because each artist is a special work of art, on the creation of which the Master has to work as on a precious stone. The quality of individual training is beyond competition with the trainings that take place at school, moreover, it safes your time.

exquisite individual teacher-student relationship

The Private School of Jurij Alschitz is a customised programme. It is a special programme that is created, as they say, “according to your figure”. Not all trainings, exercises and assignments are beneficial to all students. Each exercise is like a medicine – it all depends on the artistic individuality of the actor, director. Together with the learners – step by step, lesson by lesson – Jurij Alschitz develops a special method for their own creative style. With the Private School you are given a unique chance to get an advantage that others don’t have. In art you don’t need to be the first, you need to become unique.

The Private School of Jurij Alschitz prepares you to become a specialist for independent work in the theatre, theatre school, on stage.

How does it work?

The Private School of Jurij Alschitz is a one-to-one training, designed as an online course with a duration of 3 to 4 months, once a week. The course comprises 16 to 20 lessons, depending on the student’s previous knowledge, goals and ambitions. The learning objectives are defined together at the beginning, as well as the time frame and timing of the lessons.

Anyone who would like to use the Private School to master their individual education will receive a free consultation with Dr Jurij Alschitz at the beginning. This is followed by two compulsory introductory sessions, which clarify the student’s basic level of knowledge, creative abilities and particular artistic preferences. Dr Jurij Alschitz will then provide his professional skills assessment and offer a personally tailored training programme which includes:

  • Creation of an individual artistic matrix as the spiritual foundation to support the development of the student’s creative personality.
    This is a specially compiled list of works of literature, visual arts, music, theatre, cinema, etc.
  • Individualised curriculum
  • Specially developed technique and methodology of training
  • Proposal and strategic plan for the individual final test

On this basis, a training contract will be concluded by mutual agreement in which the time frame, objectives and tuition fees will be defined.

At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate from the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT, research centre of the International Theatre Institute for completing the entire course, which is personally certified by Dr Jurij Alschitz and contains his recommendations for future work in an additional document.

The learning process has no end and therefore all materials of trainings, consultations and lectures are transferred to the student’s private property in the form of video files or printed texts at the student’s request. The training course is supported free of charge by special books and brochures of the school of Jurij Alschitz.

The teaching language is English, Russian, Ukrainian or Italian.

Costs and conditions

The tuition fee is made up of the hourly rate, the development of the individual curriculum, the matrix / list for self-study,  and starts at €4,500.


  • First meeting (45 min. free of charge) to get to know each other. A decision is then made as to whether the training programme should be started.
  • 2 introductory lessons (advance payment)
  • The student receives a draft of their personalised curriculum and the training contract.
  • Upon receipt of payment of 50% of the total amount, the student will receive the finalised curriculum with the comprehensive list for self-study after 14 days.