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The Basis of Quantum Pedagogy

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Quantum Pedagogy

Max Planck, more than 100 years ago, came up with the idea that our world is a flash of energy – quantum. That’s how knowledge flashes, that’s how this pedagogy is built, that’s how the lesson lives –  by many flashes.  It is the connections, the union with other knowledge and structures.

Quantum pedagogy strives for “knowledge of knowledge”.

Actors tune in not to follow their teacher/director, but to unfold, rearrange, separate, make decisions instantly – they perceive knowledge about theatre through various points. Knowledge does not stand still. It is constantly moving, evolving, interacting with other ideas, adding, multiplying, changing and even destroying. This is the essence of one of the principles of the quantum technique – I call it liquid knowledge.

Quantum pedagogy applied means a total change of the individual perception; it implies the dis-function of the logic we have been brought up with, and therefore leads to a complete re-set of the mind. It affects artistic communication and creation. Quantum pedagogy is built on the relativity of knowledge and belief. Its effectiveness can be recognized only on the basis of subjective experience. If this condition does not resonate with you, forget about it. It does not mean that you are not smart enough, not educated enough, not developed enough. It just means that the quantum approach isn’t for you. Quantum pedagogy requires a special consciousness of special thinking from you, and that is its main difficulty. 

Quantum pedagogy is not about forming a good performer, but a creator.

This colloquium shares my findings in this new field. It is my answer to the rapidly changing world using the achievements of the science community to develop the art of acting and artistic creativity in theatre as highest category, which can then make use – if necessary – of all the technical attempts made so many.


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Number of participants

min. 10 participants

Teaching Language

courses will be held in English


Online lecture with practical tasks and exercises.

Mode of operation

The whole course is divided in three parts, which can be attended separately.
QP Theory – 1 session of 3 hours
QP Methology – 1 session of 3 hours
QP Training – 1 session of 3 hours

Course fee

QP Theory – 45 €
QP Methology – 45 €
QP Training – 45 €
Booking the whole colloquium with all three sessions at one time: 120 €
Those who are unable to attend one of the dates can watch the session as a recording.

Course dates

The course is not scheduled in the moment. You can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.

Note the upcoming Quantum Training for Theatre study programme starting in October 2022.