School of Jurij Alschitz

Freedom of Words

Course for actors, directors and teachers

Polonius:  …What are you reading, my prince?
Hamlet:    Words, words, words.

“In this seminar I would like to show through methodical work and with the help of many practical exercises how free words live, how they play with each other, how they hide their content under a mask, how they replace it, how they divide into several meanings, how they kill each other and give birth to new words. Words live differently in freedom. I will share with you my method of words construction. It is not the traditional linear folding of words, where one follows the other immediately, but structures that are spherical, fluid, scattering, pulsating. With these structures, the words live independently, spaciously, moving and breathing outside the order, which the text intends for them, so the face of the word sheds its mask and reveals its true meaning. It is difficult for an actor to play with the free words, but it is interesting. Try it.“ J.A.


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  10

Teaching Language

English, Italian, Russian (please check the scheduled announcement)


Online lecture with practical tasks and exercises.

Mode of operation

5 sessions of 2 hours each
If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you can watch it online until the next one.


120 €

Course dates and registration

The course is not scheduled in the moment. You can express your wish to be informed about future dates by filling out the contact form.

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