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Quantum Training for Theatre

Fortbildungsprogramm für Schauspiellehrer und Theaterpädagogen

created and conducted by Dr Jurij Alschitz

Quantum Training for Theatre is a programme for teachers, directors and actors aiming at a fundamental innovation of acting pedagogy.

Quantum Training for Theatre baut ein Brücke zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Kunst - in der Theaterpraxis und in der Ausbildung

Quantum Training for Theatre schlägt ein Umdenken vor und wendet sich an diejenigen, die eine Veränderung ihrer Lehrpraxis und ihres Lehrsystems anstreben.

Quantum Training for Theatre bedeutet, das Unterrichten selbst auf höchstem künstlerischen Niveau anzustreben. Die Lehre versteht sich als kreativen Akt und der Lehrer als Künstler.

Quantum Training for Theatre unternimmt eine Neubewertung des Status der Lehrerausbildung für professionelles Theater, der Theaterpädagogik und des Theaterunterrichts an Schulen.

Jurij Alschitz: Quantum Pedagogy

I think that part of the world that we – actors and directors – see, that we hear, that is in touch with our senses, our sensorics – is very small. The greater part of the world is not understood by our human senses. In the same way, the world of the play, the world of the role, is actually much broader than what is seen through the letter of the text, the actions and the senses. How do we expand such a limited world of our knowledge of theater, how do we develop it?

An actor’s and director’s knowledge and skill expand by discovering new connections, new energies, penetrating the spaces of macro and microcosms. Our innovations in the profession depend on it. Without penetrating there, we can no longer develop our knowledge and our skill.  And it is impossible to penetrate there as long as we remain in that state of consciousness and thinking that asserts that all reality is reduced to matter and its interactions. In other words. it is impossible to penetrate there without accepting the ideas of quantum physics, on the basis of which I got the idea of quantum pedagogy for theater. Let me tell you right away, Quantum pedagogy for actors, directors and teachers is easy. But there is one condition – it is not for everyone, because it requires a special way of thinking and that is its main difficulty. Quantum pedagogy is a challenge to the materialistic view of theater education. Most actors and directors, including me, were brought up that way, all technologies were built on that basis.  Quantum pedagogy is not a method, a system or a technical school technique. It is an art, and it needs to be communicated in this way.

Quantum pedagogy is a suite, a composition with deliberate transitions of themes, roll call of motifs. It is a work that is made up of independent parts, but it has no beginning or end or sequence of readings, as opposed to the traditional school way.  I would say that it is one sphere of knowledge united with other knowledge and structures. The rule is that if you understand one knowledge, eight others will be revealed to you. What matters is not the amount of knowledge, not the simple sum of elements, but the totality of connections between them.

In Quantum Pedagogy I use the method of complex-wave training. This makes up for the shortcomings of linear training methods by shaping the artist’s three-dimensional creative thinking, opening up new spaces of acting horizontally, vertically, spherically, in the resonance that arises between the actor “playing” the role and the actor “being played” by role. Quantum Training comprises hundreds of tasks and exercises and thousands of combinations of them. The training exercises are based on the fact that the actor is something more than flesh, blood, feelings, technology, methods. thoughts, emotions and so on, the actor is above all a certain play of vibrations and a sum of energies.

My individual experiments and laboratories have shown that Quantum Training opens to the actor new sources of play, expands the limits of his understanding, his sense of theatrical reality beyond the materialistic world. For me it is especially important that quantum pedagogy, instead of creating the personality of an actor of a certain theatrical system, expands this personality to the volume of the Artist with a holistic perception of Theater, Art, Science, the whole World, which gives him an opportunity to raise his profession to a higher level.

Was Dich erwartet

Ein Fortbildungsprogramm, das sich perfekt in die individuellen Bedürfnisse der verschiedenen beruflichen Anforderungen integriert.
Wöchentliche Live-Sessions ermöglichen einen kontinuierlichen Rhythmus und geben Raum für das Selbststudium.

Dieses Programm ist dem Umfang nach ein vollständiger Studiengang. Es arbeitet nach den Gesetzen der Quantenpädagogik und kommt daher mit einer vergleichsweise geringen Stundenzahl aus:

22 Online-Live-Meetings - 66 Unterrichtsstunden - von Oktober 2022 bis März 2023

Sie sind unterteilt in: 18 Vorlesungsstunden mit Dr Jurij Alschitz plus 4 vertiefende Trainingseinheiten mit Dr Olga Lapina und Christine Schmalor

Das Fortbildungszertifikat wird vom World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute ausgestellt


The Quantum Training for Theatre qualification programme itself follows the principles of quantum pedagogy in order to experience the innovative method for oneself.  This involves self-definition as teaching artists for the participants, leading to a personal vision of their theatre and school. Directors and actors are explicitly welcome, allowing Quantum Training to be applied in stage practice.

Die Quantenpädagogik umfasst die Idee der ganzheitlichen Bildung und wendet die Wellen- und Resonanztheorie auf die Lehrpraxis und Struktur an. Die verschiedenen Themen ziehen sich durch alle Unterrichtsstunden, wodurch auf natürliche Weise eine sphärische Sichtweise entsteht.

Der Kurs orientiert sich eng an der Praxis und lehrt die Anwendung verschiedener Methoden wie z.B.:

  • The Art of Assignment
  • Training as Method
  • Directing Rules for the Theatre Educator
  • Reverse Perspective Method
  • Method of Explosion

In diesem Kurs erhalten die Teilnehmer über 100 Exercises zur Umsetzung der verschiedenen Unterrichtsthemen. Und was noch wichtiger ist: Sie werden mindestens weitere 100 Exercises gemeinsam erstellen!
Vier Sessions sind der Vertiefung einiger Themen und der gemeinsamen Entwicklung neuer Exercises mit den erfahrenen Mitgliedern des Lehrerteams gewidmet.

Training as Method is the fundament of any teaching: giving room to actors to develop themselves.
With Training forever! you will be perfectly prepared for the course to develop your own path.
Jurij Alschitz’s Exercises are an artistic legacy to future generations of theatre.


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Training sessions with: Dr Olga Lapina, Christine Schmalor

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  10

Teaching Language



Online lecture with practical tasks and exercises. Self-study.

Mode of operation

22 weekly live-sessions; 18 with Dr. Jurij Alschitz, 4 training sessions with Dr Olga Lapina, Christine Schmalor
3 hours each
In case you are unable to attend one of the dates you can watch the session as a recording.


A Certificate of Advanced Training will be issued by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

Conditions: active participation with at least 75% attendance at the online sessions (up to 25% can also be made up via recording if attendance is not possible) and practical exams.


920 €
early bird price until 15 August 2022: 800 €


Course dates

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