Terms & Conditions

We are glad that you have chosen the Online Theatre Academy for your on-line education and training. The following terms and conditions cover (a) the use of our website and (b) Registering on our Courses. 

(a) Website use

  1. We are licensed to use all the content on our website. Generally, the content is owned by our Teachers but we control access to it. Please respect the content and the access in the same way you would expect your friends and visitors to respect items of property at your place.
  2. You can share our Homepage URL with others but if you only link to part of our website or copy and paste parts of it you have to acknowledge where the content comes from.

 (b) Registering on our Courses 

With your registration and payment you accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. Admission criteria
    1. The courses of the Team of Teachers Department and the Russian Department are suitable and accessable for anyone wishing to work on their personal development as actor, director or trainer. You can register/book without any admission precedure.
  1. Application process/conducting the course 
    1. Registration/booking for all course are submitted online and are binding in nature. Binding confirmation of acceptance constitutes entry into a contract.
    2. Latest one week before the first online session, you will receive your zoom link to enter the online-room. You may receive earlier tasks for preparation or any other kind of information concerning your course.
    3. A minimum number of students is required for the course to take place. If this threshold is not met, the organiser can cancel the course up to one week before the start date.
    4. If the organiser cancels the course, admission fees will be refunded, or by mutual agreement moved to another course.
  2. Terms of payment
    1. The rate of tuition fees is stipulated in the course information (online).
    2. Payment is due upon registration for the course and must be made online.
  3. Participant withdrawal 
    1. If you are unable to attend the course for any reasons, the organiser voluntarily offers participants the following options:
      A) Your place can be transferred. The new student can take over your contract by providing his or her name, your name, title and date of the course. The contact form can be used for this purpose.
      B) You can use your payment for another course with the same teacher, if places are available. This option is valid for 6 months starting on the day of enquiry.
  1. Certificate of participation
    1. Certificates of participation are issued after the course, subject to the participant having attended all sessions and successfully completed the course. 
  1. Privacy and Data Protection

We comply with all relevant laws on Privacy and Data Protection. In general this means that we will only collect or process personal information for specific and lawful purposes, we won’t collect more than we need for those purposes or keep it for longer than necessary, we’ll do our best to keep it accurate, and we’ll keep it as safe as we can. Please see our privacy policy for more details.