Jurij Alschitz

The Director in Dialogue

The Director’s Dialogue with the Text and with the Actor

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Jurij Alschitz on the art of dialogue in directing and teaching.

The Director in Dialogue

Dialogical principles are the first prerequisite for the creative process. From dialogue with myself, with the text, it continues with dialogue with the actors: because if the creative process should be collaborative and creative, the task is for the director not simply to communicate his ideas well, but to unleash the creative forces of all.

The Director in Dialogue about the Dialogue

One’s own dialogical competence becomes all the more important if we want to create real dialogues on stage. As we know, dialogue is more than the exchange of words between two people. It is neither limited to a number nor to language.

Dialogical competence is reflected in the artistic attitude. However, the mere expression of the will to dialogue is not enough, because we simply have to learn many things about it and make them manageable. First for ourselves, in order to then set them free in actors and learners with specific training and acting exercises.

The course for directing and pedagogy by Jurij Alschitz addresses the complex subject on the various levels of its appearance and application in individual steps. There are 2 sessions for each topic, which can also be attended independently of each other.

The Director’s Dialogue with the Text

A director prepares – how does he achieve that the text speaks to him? He seeks dialogue, but how do you open the conversation? One understands the text, the role, words as living beings and finds the right keys to their secrets. This course opens the method of dialogical analysis.

The Director’s Dialogue with the Actor

The Art of Directing lies in bringing this process to life in rehearsals with the actors. Again, it is the art of dialogue to awaken the creative forces of all those involved. There are many ways and forms of working to achieve this. As directors, we should have the most diverse methods at our disposal so that we can always use them purposefully. This course provides a wealth of practical exercises on actors’ dialogue skills.

Creating Dialogue on Stage

Not all dialogue is the same. It appears in many forms, changes and plays with us as we play with it. Who knows all the possibilities? How to use them? Dialogue is one of the decisive characteristics of successful directing, especially how I skilfully “leave it to the actors”. This course uses advanced exercises to show how actors can play confidently with a wide variety of dialogue forms.


Dr Jurij Alschitz

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  10

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Online lecture with practical tasks and exercises.
If you have missed a session or want to listen again, you have the option of watching the recording for a month.

Mode of operation

3 x 2 days | 3 hours each day

2 sessions of 2 days form one thematic meeting
Each thematic meeting can be booked separately.


A Certificate will be issued for the whole course by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

Conditions: active participation with at least 50% attendance in the online sessions of each of the 3 topics (up to 50% can also be made up via recording if attendance is not possible).


320 € full programme
120 € one thematic meeting of two days

The course is based on the book by Jurij Alschitz. You can get it directly from our bookshop als Print oder E-Book erhältlich.

Das E-book ist in der Kursgebühr enthalten!

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This course has been moved to 2024, please let us know if you are interested, this will help with planning. You will then be the first to be informed. Please use the contact form.