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Good morning!

And who do you trust? This is a question. You will not reveal your secrets to a person or situations that you do not trust. The topic of the seminar is very interesting for me personally because I will share my impressions of working with the theatrical text not by knowledge, but by trust. Theater is not an exact science. Not always at the expense of analysis the actor and director can see, hear, feel what lies behind the visible text of the role, scene or play.

In the exercises, you can learn to reveal the hidden content of the text, the essence of each of its individual signs without naming or defining it. The main thing is to catch what kind of energy is hidden behind the shell of a word, phrase, gesture, remark and even a comma. The energy is the main content of the text. I do not trust a person’s words or actions, but I trust his or her energy. It will not deceive. The text also trusts the actor whose energy he believes. And trust must be mutual. Only under this condition, the actor becomes a part of the theatrical text, and the text becomes for the actor a part of a role, that is, he can play the text as a role. This is a different level of skill. The theatrical text is an interesting, an extremely important topic – but almost saturated for an actor who wants to try to play differently.

I forgot to ask you. What is a theatrical text?  We will start this seminar with your answer.

Let’s begin!


Dr Jurij Alschitz

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10 – 12 participants

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Online seminar with practical tasks and exercises.

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6 sessions of 2 hours each

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150 €

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