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Consultation with

Jurij Alschitz

Professional counselling and Consultations

Private consultations are individual questions or a series of questions to which any director, dramaturge, actor, theatre teacher, playwright or scientist can receive practical answers, additional knowledge or advice. The number of consultations depends on the complexity of the enquiry. As a rule, these are one to four sessions.

Who is the offer aimed at? Here are some examples from our practice:

  • Directors receive support in the run-up to their next production. In a consultation with Jurij Alschitz, you will talk to a Master of Analysis who will open up new perspectives in your practical rehearsal preparation.
  • Teachers of acting, directing and theatre pedagogy receive assistance in creating a curriculum or developing new strategies for specific topics.
  • Dramaturges seek dialogue and solid know-how for their next production.
  • Playwrights can discuss their ideas with a theatre practitioner and internationally experienced director.
  • Academics receive expert input.
  • Actors are preparing a special project and are faced with an unexpected question. Here it may also be useful to take a look at our specific coaching programme for actors.

Each person who wishes to receive counselling submits a written request, describing the topic and outlining the question to which they would like to have an answer. Jurij Alschitz will submit a proposal for the type and scope of the consultation within a few days. The counselling sessions are intended for professional exchange and are not a “private school”. Depending on the enquiry, he may also recommend a specialist from his International Team of Teachers.

An online counselling session lasts 2 academic hours. The date and time of each session is set by mutual agreement.

Costs and conditions

One counselling session: 200 €

Depending on the preparation effort, a flat rate may be charged, which will be sent to you with the offer on the basis of your enquiry.