Hybrid Programme

The Art of Training

online / hybrid course for theatre teachers

Dr Jurij Alschitz

A one-year programme to create Masters of Theatre Training.

This advanced training for theatre teachers aims at fundamentally methodological questions. How do I develop my own training, my own handwriting as an educator? The language of training is the exercises. This language is the most valuable basis for theatre educators. On the one hand, participants will be provided with a large number and variety of exercises for training and rehearsal practice. But much more important is the knowledge and ability to develop exercises yourself. The mixture of imagination, pedagogy, philosophy and methodology results in the “art of creating exercises”.

The Art of Training, is an Art that exists completely independent of cultural background or personal theatre practice. It is about basic artistic-methodological parameters whether one is teaching acting, directing, physical theatre, dance or any other specific subject.

The ultimate goal of this training programme is to teach the mastery of inventing exercises and building one’s own repertoire in order to develop one’s personal uniqueness and individuality as a teacher.
Therefore, this course includes a significant amount of independent research and creative practice. Specific assignments are given from session to session, making this programme a joint research project that allows a unique compendium of new training exercises to emerge.

This programme aims at (young) teachers of academies, freelancers, theatre pedagogues, and drama teachers at schools as professional training and continuous education.


With The Art of Training you have the unique chance to learn from a master of the craft, from a magician of guiding actors.
Jurij Alschitz’s Exercises are an artistic legacy to future generations of theatre.


Dr Jurij Alschitz, Christine Schmalor, Dr Olga Lapina, guests

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants  15

Teaching Language


Format + Mode of operation

10 weekend online courses once a month. Friday / Saturday / Sunday | 3 days | 3 hours each | 90 h in total.
If you have missed a session or want to listen again, you have the option of watching the recording for a month until the next session.

Each meeting will have two hours of interactive lecture with Dr. Jurij Alschitz plus one hour laboratory work to practice, discuss and methodically develop exercises and tasks with Christine Schmalor. According to the subject, guests and experts will be invited for dialogue.

Off-line laboratory as final: for the concluding event we will meet personally and share onstage new exercises and findings; with a public artistically created exam on the occasion of the International Festival for Theatre Training Methods METHODIKA.
Those, who will not be able to travel will have the opportunity to finalize their studies in a public online event.


Participants receive a certification of additional education by the World Theatre Training Institute, Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute, World Organisation for the Performing Arts.


will be announced by 2022

Course dates

The course is expected to start in 2022.
You can support the programme by expressing your interest via the contact form.