Кристин Шмалор

The Art to getting lost

For artists before and at the beginning of their career

Enjoy complexity

This is a course before you start learning acting.

You want to prepare yourself for the life in theatre. For sure you already asked yourself, why? And I am sure, you found already good reasons. So, let’s start. But with what should one start? Of course we first want to know how it works. And the first thing you look for are skills and methods. My recommendation: Forget about it. You will get them later. What sense does it make to have sophisticated tools if you don’t have a plan what to do with them? First, you should understand what you are really looking for. 

Don’t ask me, and don’t ask anyone else besides yourself!

Start your journey of discovery. Do not expect answers. Just start by being curious and asking questions. Now, if you will use them creatively and constructively, even giving up the path of logic in favor of contradictory truths, you might come to a point when you can think two things at once and do three things simultaneously – you are on the right path to a complex artistic freedom.

This course prepares you for a different artistic horizon. You will open the beauty of hypertext thinking, and learn to feel at home in the complex world of art – and philosophy.

This course can only be the initial impulse for a long individual path that you will take as an artist.


Кристин Шмалор

Number of participants

Participation is limited to 8 students.

Teaching Language

English, German


The course will be held as a classroom format, you will get tasks to prepare and actively share your findings.

Mode of operation

4 sessions of 90 minutes

Course fee

45 €

Course dates

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